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Total Commander free download for windows 7


Total Commander 8.52a / 9.0 Beta 15

Total Commander is a file manager for Windows similar to well-known DOS file manager.

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Total Commander 8.52a / 9.0 Beta 15

Total Commander Review:

 Your computer has many types of software. All the software programs combine together, to give you a good experience of using the device. Hence, you need these programs for proper and efficient working of the system. One such program used often in many systems is known as a file manager As the name suggests, this software helps in proper management of the documents and files in the system. There are many types of file managers. You should one that is very useful and functions well. Total Commander is one of the best software in this category.

 Importance Of A Good File Manager

 A file manager is essential for proper display of the files in the system. If your file manager is not efficient, it will take a lot of time to display the contents of your system. Hence a good file manager is a must. Total Commander has all the advanced features that make it vital software. The design of this software makes it easy to display the contents in a neat and effective manner. You can access the data in your system with the help of the arrangement in your system. The detailed and sophisticated view of all the data makes the data available easily. You can go to various locations on your system in less time. You can also make some changes to this arrangement according to your needs. This customisation helps in proper accessing of files in your system. With quick access, you can work faster and complete your work in a better way. 

 More About Total Commander 

 Here are some more interesting things about Total Commander:
- It gives a detailed view of the contents of your system.
- Lets you customize easily.
- You can run multiple instances of your application with the help of this software. 
- Helps in finishing work faster.

 Lots More Act To Offer

 Apart from all the things mentioned about this software, it has a lot more to offer to its users. This modern file system lets you keep your important files safely. There are many tools available with this file system that go beyond the basic offerings of other file systems. This helps in securing your important files in the system. You also get an archiver for your files. You can download it and start using it in no time. This powerful software has solutions for all your file management related problems.

Changes on the new version:
- Fixed: Configuration dialog, apply view modes: Only reset view modes when they were not set manually, or when a view mode was deleted (32/64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] PopupDelay=500 delay in milliseconds after pressing right mouse button until context menu is shown (shorter right click or click+drag just selects file) (32/64)
- Fixed: Copy in background with F5-F2: Keep TC enabled while counting files (no window freezing) (32/64)
- Fixed: Help file: Link to asp-software was still pointing to asp-shareware (32/64)
- Fixed: Unmount USB flash drive which was displayed in TC -> drive was changed to C: but the view mode wasn't updated (32/64)
- Fixed: Drive button bar: Drive icons were flickering when returning to TC and not using Explorer drive icons (32/64)
05.09.16 Fixed: Bitlocker drive wasn't shown when using HideRemovableNoMedia key to hide card readers with no medium (32/64)
- Fixed: Bitlocker drive wasn't recognized on Windows 7 (32/64)
- Fixed: Search window couldn't be maximized to full width on Windows 10 due to Win10 bug (32/64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ReplacePhotoApp=0 turns off replacement of photo app by Windows Photo Viewer (32/64)
- Fixed: Windows 10: Instead of the useless photo app, open the old Windows Photo Viewer if it is installed. It allows to switch through all images in a folder even when called from other programs than the Explorer (32/64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BitlockerAlwaysDecrypt=1 always shows Bitlocker password dialog when trying to access a bitlocker-encrypted drive (32/64)
- Added: Still react to Windows messages while reading long directory, just ignore mouse and keyboard messages (32/64)

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